Monday, November 30, 2009

Piaggio Picnic Day

On Sunday 29 November 2009, Piaggio Australia organised a 'Piaggio Scooter Run and Picnic' around Perth. The ride was co-ordinated by Ace Scooters, Joondalup and the Perth Scooter Club and was promoted through various websites, scooter forums and by word of mouth. Although it was a Piaggio event, other makes and classic machines were also welcome.

The official ride started at Subiaco oval, ran around the foreshore, along Canning Highway and ended up in South Perth for a picnic. The turnout was excellent with some 50-60 scooters and riders attending. Modern Vespas predominated but there were also a pleasing number of old VBBs and PXs in attendance. It was great to see such a diverse group of scooters on the road at once. Unfortunately, there were roadworks on our chosen route and the group got separated and broke up, but most of the riders eventually made it to South Perth.

Sadly, Shelly and I was amongst the last of the riders to arrive. The Troll decided to be extremely temperamental and broke down twice on the way to Subiaco. Then it stalled repeatedly on the way to South Perth and to top it all off we got lost. Although there were times when I felt like throwing in the towel we finally made it!! And it was worth it. I finally got to meet several people that I know only via the forums and email and we got to talk scooter sh*t.

Of course everyone had helpful suggestions about what was going wrong with the Troll. Let's say it's a problem with a leaking / flooding carburetter (Ivo warned me about that a week ago and I've now ordered the requisite gaskets and seals) and the electrics - the battery is still not charging and I lose all charge when the idle gets low (hence the stall, flood, wait, restart process). To be honest, I undoubtedly contributed to the problem by filling up the tank with some old fuel that has been in the shed for a couple of months. I had meant to run down to the petrol station, but we were running late... yadda yadda. My bad.

The worst thing about arriving late was not getting an opportunity to take more photos. I only managed to snap a couple of pics in Subiaco. Fortunately others were at hand to record the event. James Mandy produced this excellent video. Great work James!

All in all it was great day and I look forward to the next one.

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