Saturday, July 31, 2010

Model behaviour

Today I had the privilege of having the Leader photographed for John Branton's Classic Motorcycles of WA calendar. The calender will be out later in September. The Leader still isn't registered for the road so we wheeled it to the park around the corner. Considering there'll only be a one photo of it in the calendar we sure did take a lot of photos.

If you're interested in John's excellent calendar, he can be contacted on:

Update - 3 August 2010.
My paperwork from the Department if Infrastructure and Transport stating, as we already knew, that there is no record of the Ariel being imported since the introduction of import restrictions in 1989. So, here we go. Let's hope this is the last hurdle.

Update - 11 August 2010
At last!! The Ariel is road registered. Looks like I will be riding her to Vintage Motorcycle Club presentation day this Sunday after all.

Update - 15 August 2010

I took the Ariel on a run on Sunday to the Vintage Motorcycle Club presentation day. It wasn't a big bike event though so there wasn't much to see, but I did get to ride on the freeway. The Ariel easily cranked up to 60 mph (about 95 kph), which is a respectable speed for a 50 year old bike I think. She's very comfortable to ride.

There were only a few bikes in attendance. The Ariel drew an admiring crowd.

Colin B's 1943 ex-Army surplus Indian. A beautiful machine.
I rode home along the coast with a quick stop in Cottesloe and Fremantle.


  1. Congrats Paul, that is exciting news.

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  3. Hello,

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    Regards, Burgess Z.