Friday, November 4, 2011

British Auto Classic 2011

Sunday 23rd October was British Auto Classic day in Waroona, south of Perth. Shelly and I popped along to check it out.

The oldest car at the show was this 1911 Star limousine.

The owner mentioned that he had not managed to source appropriate headlamps. Replicas could be manufactured but at an extravagant cost of around $2000 a piece.

This cute little 1914 Swift has been a regular attendee at Veteran Car Club rallys. See my postings for the Veteran Car days of 2010 and 11.

A rarity in Australia -a 1935 Jowett.


1926 Bentley. A very beautiful machine. Interestingly the bodywork of this vehicle was covered in vinyl - like the early DKWs.

There was an impressive contingent of classic Rolls-Royce.

A big 1948 Jaguar Mark IV sedan.

A Jag limousine

Jaguar XK 120 sedan. A very nice restoration.

What Jaguar is most famous for - sportsters.

Jaguar E-type

The highly unusual Jowett Jupiter. It has an intriguing engine layout, with the fan cooled radiator mounted behind the flat four boxer engine, just as in contemporary DKWs. This isn't really a surprise when you realise one of the car's designers worked at Auto Union.
Here are some more links about this interesting vehicle:


The MG TC is a gorgeous little sportster.

1936 Willys-Overland. Willys-Overland was an American company but they did build vehicles under license in the UK.

Open wide - A cheeky Hillman Minx

The British Ford Club was out in force again.

Ford Prefects

A Bedford Van. This was the only commercial vehicle on show.

An Oldsmobile T-75 sedan. Not really sure if this counts as British. Maybe they built them under license?

The Oldsmobile and a 1955 Hillman.

A Riley. I've always been rather partial to the stylish Rileys. They retained a quite old fashioned look right into the 1950s.

A rear view of another Riley.

A Riley and a Vauxhall. Once again the Vauxhall club put on a good display.

Vauxhall Vangard

Vauxhall Velox. I believe my parents once owned one of these.


A Vauxhall Velox cabriolet

1957 Nash Metropolitan. We seem to come across one of these at every car show or museum we visit.


Morris Minors. There was a large contingent of Morris'.

Austin A40

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