Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cars of the German Miracle

In May the temporary exhibition at the Prototyp Museum was the Cars of the German Miracle. The exhibition covered a selection of German vehicles from the early 1950s. This period covered the rise and fall of scooters and microcars and the evolution of many of the prestige German cars we know today.

1937s Goliath F400 triporter van. Triporters like these were the backbone of German industrialisation. The choice of the Goliath however was a little odd, given that Tempo tricycles were actually manufactured in Hamburg, while Goliaths were built in nearby Bremen.

Borgward Isabella cabriolet.


Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Opel Rekord


Volkswagen T2 Transporter

Zundapp Janus

Heinkel Kabine and Messerschmitt Tiger

Messerschmitt Tiger cabriolet


Vespa 125 and Lloyd LT 600 van. Lloyd vans, manufactured by the Borgward group, are extremely rare.

Kleinschnitter leading the microcar row.

NSU Super-Max motorcycle with a Vespa 125

1949 IFA RT125. A very early East German version of the prewar DKW RT125. This example was probably built using prewar surplus parts as it has old style girder forks.

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