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A Collection of Tatra Articles

Classics Monthly - March 2006

This article lightly covers the 'controversy' whether Ferdinand Porsche plagiarized Hans Ledwinka's rear engine designs for the Volkswagen. The truth is he didn't 'copy' the Tatra but he did infringe some of Ledwinka's patents for the engine's air cooling, system. I also think doing a comparative road test between a 1938 Tatra T97 and a 1951 Volkswagen Beetle isn't really a fair test. The Volkswagen versus a Tatraplan would be a better comparison.

Unique Cars Magazine March 2011

Shortly after this story about the only running T87 in Australia was published in Unique Cars magazine the car was put up for sale and a new article was published in Australian Classic Car magazine in September 2012.

Although the sales pitch for the car included some dubious claims, the photos are magnificent.
br /> Sadly the car did not find a buyer in Australia and was sold in the US by RM Auctions.

Thoroughbred and Classic Car October 1988

Classic and Sportscar July 1987
A comparison between the Citroen Traction Avant, Tatra T600 and Jowett Javelin.

Classic Cars Magazine - May 2010

Classic and Sportscar April 1993
A visit to the Tatra museum at Koprivince.

On Four Wheels Volume 116 1975

Special Interest Autos 1987

Restored Cars Volume 8 1975

A small selection of contemporary photos on the streets of Czechoslovakia. It's interesting to see old Tatras and Skodas in regular use.

The Car No36 - Tatra Streamliners

Tatra History - Collectable Automobiles 1997

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