Sunday, December 20, 2009

Portuguese Citroen Club Rally 20 September 2009

Viva la Citroen 2CV! We encountered the ubiquitous little French 'garden shed on wheels' so often in Europe that it became like an unofficial mascot of our travels. I've always held a soft spot for the Citroens - the Traction-avant, the magnificent DS and the quaint 2CV. When I first began looking for a car the only car I could think of that I actually liked was the Citroen DS. I never found one however.

In Porto on Sunday 20 September 2009 we came across a rally organised by the Portuguese Citroen club. The rally started at the town hall where all the cars were displayed. A drive through the city followed. There were so many Citroens that the whole centre of the city was shut down - much to the frustration of other drivers. Here are some photos.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sinshiem Auto Collection - American cars

Sinshiem museum had a large collection of American classic cars, with special focus on the 1950's.


Looking down on a pair of Corvettes and a Harley.

Simplex - America La France ~ 1914/15

1915 Simplex

Stutz Bearcat ~1915

1937 Cord 812. My ultimate dream car. These magnificent, streamlined, front-wheel drive cars were truly ahead of their time and they paid the ultimate price. They were just too different from the rest of the pack and so were shunned by customers. Cord folded in 1940.

The stylish 1935 Auburn 851 roadster.

Auburn 851. Auburn actually owned Cord, along with the luxury car manufacturer Dusenburg.

Auburn 851

1956 Chevy

1958 Chevy


A Cadillac lines up on the runway.


Still got the fins but just a little more restrained in 1961



Cadillac Eldorado




Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Speyer and Sinshiem Auto Collection - German & European Cars

Here is a selection of German and European classic cars on display in the Speyer and Sinshiem Technology museums. I've thrown in a few links here and there too.

Porsche 356 roadster

1950s Porsche 356

Volkswagen Karman Ghia

1956-59 BMW 503 Coupe

1929 BMW Ihle

1939 Horch 830 BL cabriolet. A member of the Audi stable.

Wanderer W24, another of the Audi stable.

1938 Rosengart LR 4N2

Goliath 3-wheeled truck

An Admiral ~ early 50s

A Borgward Isabella (1954-1961) - not something you see often in Australia

NSU Prinz 1000 - late 60s

Mercedes Benz 300SL Gull Wing

1960 Mercedes Benz 190SL

1953 Mercedes Benz type 220 cabriolet A

1934 Mercedes Benz 130. With the advent of wind tunnel testing in the early 1930's everyone began designing and building streamlined vehicles.

The beautiful 1935 Mercedes Benz 540 roadster
Mercedes Benz 630 with kompressor

And more...

Mercedes Benz G3 six wheeler. This is one of only two surviving Nazi general staff cars in existence. Three other G3 variants came up for sale in late 2009. Here is a link.

Mercedes Benz G3 side view

A 1930 Maybach Zeppelin. Maybach originally built engines for the Zeppelin company. The Treaty of Versailles banned Germany from building either airships or aircraft so in 1921 Maybach decided to build cars. In an age of big saloon cars, the Maybach Zeppelin with its enormous straight 12 engine was positively huge and you needed a truck license to drive one. Maybach managed to stay in business until the Nazis rearmament program diverted them back into engine production. They ceased manufacturing cars in 1940.

More Maybachs

More Maybachs

And more...

Daimler-Chrysler resurrected the Maybach brand in 1997 and in 2009 launched this new Maybach Zeppelin DS8, one of the worlds most expensive modern production cars. If you want more details, check out this link:

This vehicle belonged to one of the old German royal families

Bugatti. The king of automobiles

A magnificent Bugatti roadster

A row of Bugatti racers

A Rolls Royce, formerly in the possession of some Indian Rajah

Very customised coachwork on this Rolls Royce. In fact, Rolls Royce never built bodies for their Silver Ghost, only the engine and chassis. The buyer was responsible for their own coachwork.

1923 Bentley "Red Label" and a German Hercules motorcycle

A British Morgan Plus-3 roadster.

An extraordinary 'one track car' - the Mauser Einspurauto

Amphicar - the name says it all - an amphibious car.

Project Brutus. This is not so much a real car as a real monster:
1907 American La France chassis
1925 BMW pre-WWII seaplane engine Type VI, series 8 (used in the Heinkel He-9 and Dornier Wal flying boat) - 12 cylinders 47 litre
3.82 litres per cylinder
550 PS at 1,530 rpm
750 PS at 1,700 rpm
red line at 2,000 rpm
3-gear manual
Wheel-spin at 140 km/h in 3rd gear
Average fuel consumption > 100 litres per 100 kilometers
Here is a video:

Here is another link to more photos: