Sunday, August 23, 2009

Auto & Technik Museums at Sinshiem & Speyer

The industrial towns of Sinshiem and Speyer in Germany are home to two extremely impressive auto and technical museums. The collections include numerous cars, motorbikes, scooters, trains, aircraft, ships, submarines, a space shuttle, military hardware and even a chainsaw collection. Housed in vast hangers, with giant aircraft suspended overhead, they are truly amazing. Even though Shelly was initially a little dubious, we spent a couple of hours at both museums and went absolutely mental photographing the collection. Here are a couple of pics of the scooter collection. I will continue to update this post over the next couple of weeks.

Of the two museums Sinshiem was the best in my opinion. The collection was better presented and the auto section was much larger. Both cities are about two hours drive south east of Frankfurt. Click on the heading line to take you through to their website.

The Scooter Collection

A Heinkel Perle moped

The beautiful Zundapp Bella

Another Bella with a Stieb sidecar

A Lambretta

An NSU Prima

The Heinkel collection at Speyer

In the microcar section - Bellas, Adler Junior, & a Goggomobile

Vespa fenderlight

IWL Berlin and a Vespa 125

An Adler Junior

Cheating a bit - this is actually from Brussels Auto Museum - A Goggo

A prototype Piaggio 3-wheeler. The MP3 has come a long way

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