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Shannon's Classic Car Show 2020

Another six months of planning and organization resulted in a fantastic Shannon's Classic Car Show. There was record interest in the show this year with 78 motoring and associated clubs. More than 1000 vehicles were registered to attend, although numbers on the day were a little lower. All the attending clubs put on excellent displays. Visitor numbers were up again after a disappointing result last year, which ensured the show ended in the black. Putting on a show like this is expensive for a small non-profit like the Council of Motoring Clubs.

This year's show featured a special exhibit - Past Cars of the Future, which showcased vehicles that were seen as innovative or futuristic for their time.

Twenty iconic vehicles were selected for the display.

This 1886 Benz Patentwagen replica is on display at the Motor Museum at Whiteman Park. I must sincerely thank the Museum management and the vehicle owner for permitting us to display the vehicle at the show.

Bill D completed the restoration of this extremely rare and unusual 1917 Rauch and Lang only weeks ahead of the show. He trucked the car all the way from the South West to display it in the show.

Graham H has two Lancia Lambdas, a long bodied sedan and this shorter two seat roadster. There is also another Lambda in Perth. I am extremely grateful to Graham for bringing this important car to the show.

The Airflow Chrysler, one of the most important American cars of the 20th century, was represented by this 1934 DeSoto Airflow. The DeSoto Airflow was a slightly smaller, budget version of the Airflow Chrysler. This car can be found on display at the Motor Museum.

The Traction Avant is still one of the most iconic classic cars of all time.

The oldest Beetle in WA is the 1946 VW Beetle in the York Motor Museum. This example is a 1952 Standard Export Beetle restored to absolutely original specifications. It is the closest thing you can get to the original KDF Wagen.

It was good to have the Beetle and Tatraplan parked together as it is interesting to compare the similarities and differences. The Beetle is not a copy of the Tatra and the Tatraplan's predecessor, the T97, clearly wasn't suppressed by the Nazi's to prevent its comparison with the Beetle. They have similarities but are very different cars.

The Citroen DS sits at the top of my list of innovative cars of the 20th century. It is a design and styling icon that remains as stunning today as it did in 1955.

The Honda Dream probably puzzles people as an 'innovative' vehicle, but it heralded the arrival of the Japanese. While British motorcycles were renowned for their poor quality, the Honda Dream showed that a bike could be made where every feature was finely engineered and worked.

Britain's attempt to build an entirely new motorcycle that incorporated the lessons of market research. It was extremely successful when released in 1958, but it was overtaken by the arrival of the Mini the following year. Why buy a luxurious motorcycle when you could now buy a budget car for only a little extra?

Panhard were a pioneering auto company that are almost unknown in Australia. Their light, high speed little cars deserve to be better known.

The Chevrolet Corvette pioneered the use of fibreglass bodywork in the 1950s. The Corvette Mark II was a complete restyle, creating an iconic and futuristic look.

Sex appeal in steel. The Jaguar E-Type was Sixties cool and style personified. It remains one of the most desirable sports cars of all time.

Over engineered and over priced, but filled with innovative engineering as only Citroen could do. Unfortunately for the company, they lost money on every car they sold and by 1975 they went bankrupt.

In the 1970s, nothing said innovation more than the Wankel rotary engine, but it proved to be a problematic engine that failed everywhere, except in the Mazda. This DKW Wankel motorcycle is one of three sent to Perth to test the market. None of the three sold and they were all put away in storage. After the show I had the privilege of riding the bike home. It has unusual handling, but you can feel that there is a lot of get up and go in the engine.

The most bizarre and ill-considered vehicle proposition ever conceived. Thanks again to the Motor Museum and the owner for allowing the Sinclair to attend the show.

The iconic representation of 'the wedge' vehicle design.

Lightweight, affordable supercar.

Tesla would be viewed by most people as the vehicle that represents the future of motoring.

Despite its futuristic styling, Ducati's Multistrada did not align to the motorcycle markets rigid preconceptions. It was restyled to give it a more conventional appearance.

Club Displays

Keeping with tradition, visitors through the main gate were presented with a fine display by Perth's two Chevrolet Corvette clubs.

Beautiful Corvette Stingray

The clubs are the National Corvette Restorers and Corvette Club of WA.

Under the main pavilion, Cool Beans Campers. https://coolbeanscampers.com.au/

Eileen Knox Diecast Cars

America West Mustang Parts. http://americawest.net.au/

I-Techworld for solar panels, batteries and jump start kits. https://itechworld.com.au/

Auto Resto panel beating and restoration services. www.autoresto.com.au

A Lamborghini decorates the pavilion.

UWA Performance Race team

E-Bikers and Ryder Electrics bikes. https://www.ebikers.com.au

Principal sponsor Shannons Insurance www.shannons.com.au and Swissvax Australia www.swissvaxaustralia.com

This year we partnered with Camp Quality, who provide services to children suffering from cancer. For more information about Camp Quality's activities go here: www.campquality.org.au  Camp Quality is involved in a classic car charity run later this year, wesCarpade, Details of the run can be found here: https://fundraise.campquality.org.au/event/camp-quality-wescarpade-2020/home

Richard's Tyrepower. One of our regular supporters and show sponsor. https://www.richardstyrepower.com.au/

A new attendee at the show was the Classic Speedway Association.

The Speedway Association put on a really terrific display of speedway cars and bikes.

For more information about the club, check their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/583951608330347

Buick Owners Club

This 1954 Buick two-door special was probably the most photographed car of the day, appearing in every single set of photos I've seen of the day.

1955 Buick Roadmaster convertible

After the thunderstorms of the previous weekend, Sunday's warm temperature was a godsend.

1935 Buick Series 40

Two Mercedes-Benz 170s from the Mercedes-Benz Club

Wonderful replica 1936 Mercedes-Benz

The cars of the Lamborghini Club greeted visitors at the Ledger carpark gate.


My new club, KBG, put on an eclectic display in keeping with its moto of motoring miscellany.

Alfa Romeo spider

1944 KDF Kubelwagen and Bentley

1961 Vauxhall Velox

KBG has a very strong motorcycling contingent, focusing on unusual vehicles. Here's something you don't see very often - a Soviet Dnepr. The Dnepr was a Russian copy of a pre-war BMW. They were sold here in Australia as a very cheap motorcycle in small numbers.

Honda custom lightweight. A sweet little machine. Behind is a Citroen CX, successor to the more famous DS.

1951 Velocette LE. Known in England as the "Noddy" bike as it was commonly used as a police bike.

Velocette and Messerschmitt KR201 cabin scooter

BMW Isetta 300.

Ford Falcon GT Club

Triumph Car Club. 1951 Standard 10. Post-war British austerity.

TECCWA showcased a wide range of interesting Toyota classics. Here is a rare Toyota Stout truck.

The Riley Club put on a fine display of 12 Rileys. Quite a record here.

1949 Riley RMA.

Riley Kestrel

Riley Kestrel

1937 Riley Falcon

1937 Riley Kestrel

Riley Nine, with wood and leatherette bodywork.

Riley roadster

Team W4 - Landrovers

Rover ... something

Chevrolet Club of WA

Suburu Owners Club

Holden Club of WA.


1949-59 Ford V8 Club of WA

Ford Customlines

Cortina Mk 1s of the Ford Rallye Club

Clubman kit cars from the Sports Car Builders Club

Pre-War Sports Car Club

Vintage Sports Car Club. Here are two French sportscars - Renault Alpine A310 and an Amil car.

Three MG clubs attended putting on a substantial display - MG TC Owners Club, MG Car Club and MG Owners Club.




Jensens from the Jensen Owners Club

Austin-Healey Sprites of the Austin-Healey Club.


Austin-Healey 3000

Monaro Club of WA

Ultimate Slotcar - great entertainment for the kids

hand Tool Preservation Society

French and Fantastic

Renault Fuego and Renault 16 make a nice late model pair.

Special Interest Vehicle Association. Peugeot 404

It was a much smaller display by SIVA this year. This is Renault row.

1959 Oldsmobile. Owner Craig always puts on a good display with lots of extras.

NSU Prinz 1000. Like a miniature Chevrolet Corvair

Simca Aronde, Messerschmitt KR201 and NSU Prinz.

Australian Citroen Enthusiasts of WA

Volvo Owners Club

Volvo PV155

The Rootes Section of the Veteran Car Club. VCC put on a great display.

VCC. The word 'Veteran' in the club title isn't really representative. The VCC has evolved with the changing times to encompass all classic vehicle types. The veterans are now a minority in the club.

Austin Seven club and the Austin Club parked alongside each other.

The Vauxhall Owners Club

The Morris Owners Club bought along this very cute delivery van.

Morris Owners Club

The Volkswagen Club of WA. This 1956 Oval Beetle was unknown to me. It appears not to have been molested (we can only hope it manages to stay this way).

A very interesting camper van conversion.

Room for the whole family.

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club bought out the big guns

The truck you need to transport your vintage truck.

Vintage prime movers

Bus Preservation Society celebrated 50 years with a display of five buses. I used to take the 106 route to work from Bicton.

The oldest bus in the collection.

The Bus Preservation Society always puts on a good display and draws a lot of interest.

The Classic English Ford Club was squeezed out of their allocated spot, but set themselves up in a space between the Model A Ford Club and the Rolls-Royces.

Model A Ford Club put on a good display as always.

This year the VCC encouraged participation of veteran cars. This is an International Harvester.

I think this is a replica of the Henry Ford's original runabout.

Two Model T Fords

1905 Maxwell

1914 Hupmobile

Cadillac Eight Type 51

1917 Cadillac

1914 Studebaker

1910 Brush. A Brush was the first car to drive across the Nullabor.

A view of the Brush's single cylinder engine.

1914 Delage R4 from France

Another rare French marque - 1909 Darraq with a Model T

The Veteran display really was a treat as these cars are rarely seen these days, even at car shows like this. A great effort by the VCC this year.

The Ducati Club few the flag on behalf of the CMC's motorcycling community.

And then suddenly it was over. I had only just enough time to do one walk around the grounds before the show finished and I missed all the clubs who were over near the VIP stand. Andrew drives his 'People's Car' through the Pavilion as the traders pack up.

These photos don't really do justice to all the clubs, traders and displays on the day. I was too rushed to take decent photos. I really enjoyed organizing the Past Cars of the Future display and I was impressed with the effort many clubs went to this year. I have promised myself and family I will not be running the 2021 show, but I will be happy to help out. 

Link to Classic Car Show videos: https://heinkelscooter.blogspot.com/2020/04/shannons-classic-car-show-2020-video.html

For more photos, check out the photos and comments posted on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/626000861223288/

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